CT Festival of Indie Games

On Saturday, Emily and I had the chance to bring our game to an indie gaming festival. We spent the day teaching gamers how to play, getting people excited about it, and trying to avoid being abducted too many times. We had a couple of great firsts for our game too – first sale, first time the golden ending was achieved (the combo of a Nuclear detonation and the helicopter rescue), and the most times a player has ever been probed/silenced in a single game (4). We were able to give out business cards, pins, and sold a few copies. The most awesome part was the large number of family and friends that came out to support us, many coming from out of state. You guys are the best.

We got to meet other game designers and received great feedback and advice. Some of the fantastic games that we got a chance to play were Unstable, Shipload of Gold, and Cauldron.

Looking forward, we’ve got a Kickstarter campaign to plan for in two weeks and we sent in an application for another CT gaming convention. Big and exciting things are ahead.


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