Current Projects

Photography – whenever I get a chance I try to take out my camera and take pictures. My Flickr account has albums of my excursions, including those that I took while in Iceland.

Invasion Evasion – for the past year I have been developing an alien themed party game with the help of graphic designer, Emily Chubet. We have completed numerous playtests and prototypes of the game and are gearing up for an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

Writing – Having unsuccessfully failed out of the Nanowrimo challenge, I am prepping to start a new rough draft for a sci-fi novel. I am considering releasing weekly chapters online to this site.

Recreational Mathematics – A few years ago I regularly posted on this blog about interesting math applications I researched. Some of these things include how big Galactus would need to be to eat the Earth, how safe is a Da Vinci Code cryptex, finding yourself in Pi, and more.

Board Game Research – In college I spent time studying the games Sorry! and Trouble for my Honors Thesis, and I continued that research into other games. I will be posting these findings regularly here.